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Renee Washington

1st Annual Make your Mark event!
69.45 %
Goal: $5000.00 | Raised: $3472.50 Started: March 26, 2013
Ended: July 15, 2013

Help support a great cause. There is not enough information known about Crohn's Disease as their should be. Thousands of people are unaware that they are living with CD and housands are  living with it, but not getting the most efficient treatment possible. The severity of Crohn's is underestimated. It is a life changing disease that is both physically and mentally strenuous on the patient as well as those around him/her. Help change someone's life! Help by making your mark today!

You can donate online or you can use the donation request form. If you use the form, the mailing address is listed on the document. Thanks again!

Top Donors

  1. Phenoms Soccer - $500.00
  2. Jersey Area Girls Soccer (JAGS) - $500.00
  3. The Soccorsi Family - $200.00
  4. Martin Schall - $200.00