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Alexander Marcoccia
A teenagers story

Quotes I have crohns and I take humira which are 2 injections I get in my stomach every 2 weeks. They're not so bad but sometimes they're painful. Well I'm only 18 and was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 15 and just a few months ago re diagnosed with crohns. Besides having crohns I also have depression, partly because I feel like no one will want me if they know I have crohns. I take a lot of pills and doctor visits are constant. (Or at least more than the average healthy person) I used to be in the hospital a lot. I have been in 2 years but I still fear that that could happen to me again, and knowing crohns, it probably will. I don't feel good enough. I hate having to deal with this disease why would anyone else? If I had already been married a long time and I got it, that would be a little different. But who would want me knowing how broken I am? At times I'm a difficult depressed mess and then on top of that I have Crohns. Quotes
Anonymous Story
Crohn's Disease Patient

Quotes There are hundreds of support groups for people with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis throughout the country. Each year, the CCFA's more than 40 local chapters hold more than 300 support groups, where patients and family members can connect to others living with these diseases. Crohn's and colitis support group meetings are often intimate gatherings where patients and their loved ones can share their stories, seek emotional support, find answers to their questions, and connect with a community who share their challenges. Follow the link below to find a support group near you: Quotes
Support Groups

Quotes I am 48 years old and have Ulcerative Crohn's. I have had it for 31 years. In 2008, I lost my large intenstine to Crohn's. I have been up and down on steroids, imuran, MP6, and Humira, but they all gave horrific side effects. I also have cyrriatic psoriasis and arthristis which are eating my joints and disfiguring my bones in my hands and feet. There have been so many new medications and technological advancements since I was diagnosed 31 years ago, but I have learned to manage. I now have a loving husband of 28 years, 2 grown children, and a granddaughter who keeps me busy. Quotes
Anonymous Story
Crohn's Disease Patient